Homelessness Articles | Latest News

Homelessness Articles | Latest News

New York City Plans $3 Billion Homelessness Effort With ‘supportive housing,’ homeless people pay some rent and get services such as substance-abuse counseling via Wall Street Journal – Nov 17, 2015

NYPD Commissioner Bratton: Homelessness in NYC Has ‘Exploded’ in Past Two Years Bratton said he was ‘frustrated’ by the problem during a panel discussion on quality-of-life issues. via Wall Street Journal – Nov 19, 2015

VA has more work to do on eliminating veteran homelessness, claims backlog as deadline hits Though it has made much progress, the Department of Veterans Affairs is likely to miss its target on two ambitious goals: ending veteran homelessness in 2015 and ending the backlog in disability claims. via U.S. News & World Report – Nov 10, 2015

L.A. Struggles With Homeless ‘Emergency’ After drawing criticism for inaction, city to draft rules to help those on street via Wall Street Journal – Nov 17, 2015

An Uncomfortable Truth about Homelessness in San Francisco …San Francisco has a problem — one of forced evictions and mixed chemicals, rotting sores and bare feet black as charcoal. The problem is so pervasive that full awareness of it obliterates any perception of this city as paradisiacal. The problem is homelessness. via thebolditalic – Oct 29, 2015

Virginia Just Became the First State in the US to End Veteran Homelessness The fight to end homelessness among veterans has hit a major milestone: Virginia has become the first state in the nation to functionally eliminate veteran homelessness within in its borders. via Mic – Nov 11, 2015