Housing for Supportive Housing Programs

My data is a mess. I don’t have enough housing. I need to prove it works.

Finding Housing for Supportive Housing Programs

CASE STUDY: “Elkton, Maryland: Preserving Rural Housing”
“A creative partnership in Elkton, Maryland has brought two separately owned and adjacent housing developments under common ownership to preserve affordable housing stock in this rural community and to allow more efficient and effective management of the properties. The Cottages at Chesapeake and the Gardens at Chesapeake provide 98 housing units for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and families.” Read more at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

ARTICLE: “‘Priority’ Waiting List to Provide Housing for Thousands with Developmental Disabilities”
“New Jersey considers Michael a priority for housing and services because his parents are older than 55. Yet he is but one of 4,879 “priorities” on an 8,000-person waiting list for people with developmental disabilities. The Department of Human Services, facing a severe housing shortage and an unrelenting budget crunch, was able to remove 229 names from the waiting list this fiscal year.” Read more at the New Jersey Star-Ledger.