Navigating the World of Medicaid for Supportive Housing Services

Navigating the World of Medicaid for
Supportive Housing Services

For providers in the Supportive Housing arena, it is no secret that the road to recovery begins with housing. However, this fact has not always been recognized by major healthcare entities, like Medicaid. Thankfully, this mindset is changing and Supportive Housing organizations now have the ability to cover many of their services via Medicaid. Since the rules and requirements vary tremendously state-to-state, many providers feel overwhelmed with the documentation required to bill Medicaid.

During this session, Foothold Technology and experts from various states across the country, including Steve Coe, CEO of Community Access, Kevin Martone, Executive Director of the Technical Assistance Collaborative, and Lindsay Casale, Housing First Program Director of Pathways Vermont, discuss the ins and outs of Medicaid for Supportive Housing. You will walk away with knowledge on:

  • best practices from agencies already receiving Medicaid dollars;
  • what reporting requirements providers should be aware of and on the lookout for, and how these can vary state-to-state; and
  • tips on documentation methods and why a solid electronic record is crucial for Medicaid reimbursement.

Electronic record-keeping is becoming more critical in the new environment of care. With origins and roots in human services, no one is better prepared to assist you with this transition than Foothold Technology. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that may arise during this transition.