HFPC2018: USICH Feedback Session for Housing First Providers and Other Community Stakeholders

Supportive Housing Resource Exchange

Welcome to the Supportive Housing Resource Exchange. This forum is a place for all stakeholders to share their thoughts, ideas and insights into the supportive housing movement. But it is also a place to ask questions, and to find out what solutions work for other providers that may address your challenges.

Foothold Technology believe that strong communities come from working together – and this online forum is designed to facilitate collaboration in the supportive housing community.


Live feedback from the session at the Housing First Partners Conference



  • Prevention emphasized in federal plan. Legal rights associated with eviction.
  • Partnerships: with PHAs, with law enforcement, fire, and emergency
  • How do we make the case for housing first?
  • Need to move away from outcomes based funding
  • How do we support our staff and not have them burn out?
  • How do we meet the needs of people who don’t meet the needs of chronic homelessness?
  • Changing service needs of people and the importance of being able to address needs as they change — become more intense, aging, whether or not they still need them
  • There’s a blurring about the meaning of language. We need to be clear about terms — rapid rehousing, supportive housing, etc.
  • Making sure we’re looking at the model with fidelity
  • Looking at alternate housing models and creating enough

There’s no way to pay for the special services aging adults need, especially when they’re living alone. Deeper guidance is needed on the ways we can support them. Need to be better collaboration with respite care. Aging adults experience the health effects much earlier when they’ve been homeless, but they aren’t able to access the supports.


There’s no funding for purchasing furniture or any personal property. How can this be? HUD money isn’t allowed for this, but we need some sort of minimum allowance to buy the staples.


How can there be more streamlined/smooth transfers — CoC to CoC across states? There has been no guidance on this.


How can we find more funding for trainings? HUD says it has to be a “HUD approved” training. This needs to be opened up and made more accessible.

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Foothold Technology created the Supportive Housing Resource Center for organizations and providers working to address homelessness around the country. We offer this resource center as an online gathering place where providers can share resources, tips, and stories as a learning tool for partners and providers who are working tirelessly to support the complex needs of those facing or experiencing homelessness.