Philly’s Supportive Housing Clearing House provides timely referrals, supports tenants, and provides one point of contact. What action can be taken to create a similar clearing house service in NJ?

Supportive Housing Resource Exchange

Welcome to the Supportive Housing Resource Exchange. This forum is a place for all stakeholders to share their thoughts, ideas and insights into the supportive housing movement. But it is also a place to ask questions, and to find out what solutions work for other providers that may address your challenges.

Foothold Technology believe that strong communities come from working together – and this online forum is designed to facilitate collaboration in the supportive housing community.


Question from the New Jersey Supportive Housing Association Conference session “Cracking the Code in Serving the Homeless – Municipal – Landlord Partnerships at Work”

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Foothold Technology created the Supportive Housing Resource Center for organizations and providers working to address homelessness around the country. We offer this resource center as an online gathering place where providers can share resources, tips, and stories as a learning tool for partners and providers who are working tirelessly to support the complex needs of those facing or experiencing homelessness.