What’s the best way to get started in this program? Does it take a year to be up and fully running?

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“I am in Maryland. Is anyone familiar with how the program is conducted here. I am the CFO for a homeless shelter in Baltimore”

Question was first asked during the webinar “Navigating the World of Medicaid for Supportive Housing Services” on July 12.


Hoping this is helpful, but here’s what Senior Advisor, David Bucciferro shared with me:

  • Supportive Housing for Individuals with Disabilities and Housing for Homeless Individuals although supported through Medicaid and various other Federal Housing programs are primarily administered at the state level.  Each of the states normally has an agency or a number of agencies that develop and administer Supportive Housing programs for the population they are charged with serving. In Maryland for example, the programs that serve people with disabilities who have low incomes are administered in partnership by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development, and Maryland Department of Disabilities. The best way to start? Contact these agencies to inquire about the various funding options available. In addition, in many states, there are some stakeholder groups that could assist in your inquiry. I can not endorse nor give an opinion on the matter, but the Maryland Association for Supportive Housing does come to mind and I am sure that the state could also give you the names of additional resources.
  • The time frame to get operational really depends upon the administrative and bureaucratic process your state requires. The time to locate funding opportunities, apply to establish or expand a program, develop sites, site approvals, and program startup could take up to a year. One thing to keep in mind is once you have a commitment to move forward by your funding authority, don’t wait until you’re ready to open your doors to integrate your workforce development and administrative functions like documentation and billing. These things take time as well and need to be planned for and implemented in parallel to the actual housing development.
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